Short Sales in Queen Creek

Forbes Magazine  placed it amongst the most friendly towns of the country. Of the 50,900 people living in 15,000 households, 75% are married couples with a family median income of over $65,000. Two main streets running through the community lead right to Interstate 10, from where it is only about 10 miles south to central Phoenix. In fact, the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is actually on the way to Phoenix. The Queen Creek community is located right at the base of San Tan Mountain, which is actually a regional park, and just gorgeous to visit or admire from the town. Short sales in Queen Creek offer a great opportunity for potential home buyers.

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Short Sales in Queen Creek – Short Sale Listings

Many people also like to ride horses in the area, and it is not uncommon to find short sale real estate that includes equestrian facilities. The Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre is quite an impressive establishment and it is public. Many regional equestrian events are hosted there. It goes without saying, in beautiful and sunny Queen Creek, Arizona, many of the houses already have lovely, in ground, swimming pools which its residents get to enjoy all year round thanks to the wonderful climate. The total town area takes up just over 25 square miles.

The Food Network aired a television show which put the spotlight on a locally owned olive farm and mill. The center of cultural life in Queen Creek is most definitely the Queen Creeks Arts Center, which is officially supported by the Arizona Commission on the Arts. At the arts center, patrons can enjoy all sorts of entertainment for the family.

The center also offers multiple theater camp programs where students can learn about having drama-related careers. With the capacity to seat up to 777 people, the arts center is available for rental for private or public events. In 2008, the Queen Creek Library opened, and it is part of the Maricopa County Library District, in fact it is the newest branch of the district.

Short Sale Properties in Queen Creek, AZ

Amongst the short sale real estate for sale in Queen Creek, AZ, one occasionally finds some especially interesting properties that are actually part of the Pegasus Airpark. Current offerings include modern homes that have their own airplane hangar attached to the house. The taxiways allow you to land your plane and taxi it right into your own personal garage. 

Notably, helicopters are not allowed. Very light jets are now allowed into the airpark.  This is used to be contradictory to the way they have been allowed at the nearby Stellar Airpark in Chandler.  Demonstrations have shown the difference between a very light jet taking off and flying by, versus a single engine propeller airplane.  The newest generation of very light jets make less noise, for less time, than the traditionally accepted propeller craft.

So, as of 2011, very light jets are allowed at the airpark. There may be an opportunity to purchase the short sale real estate that is part of the Pegasus Airpark within Queen Creek, AZ.