Experience the Thriving Transformation of Downtown Queen Creek

Welcome to the heart of Queen Creek, where history meets innovation, and small-town charm blends seamlessly with exciting development. This flourishing community has consistently ranked among the fastest-growing in both the state and the nation, making it an ideal destination for families seeking a vibrant and walkable downtown experience.

Discover Downtown Queen Creek: Where Tradition Meets Progress

Since its incorporation in 1989, Queen Creek has embarked on a remarkable journey to create a downtown core from the ground up. The town’s strategic planning and robust population growth have ignited a wave of development, particularly in the Town Center. Doreen Cott, Queen Creek’s Economic Development Director, enthusiastically shares, “We are thrilled to witness the surging interest in our downtown core, poised to complement our existing businesses and elevate the area that has historically been the community’s heart.”

Exploring Downtown Queen Creek

Stretching from south of Victoria Lane along Ellsworth Road to the scenic Queen Creek Wash, the downtown core is framed by Ellsworth Loop Road to the west. At its epicenter, you’ll find the iconic Ocotillo and Ellsworth intersection, home to the town’s very first traffic signal.

Creating a Walkable Oasis

To craft a downtown that’s truly walkable, the town is investing in urban planning that shortens the distances between attractions while ensuring delightful experiences along the way. As part of this vision, Queen Creek is constructing three essential downtown core connectors: Aldecoa Drive, Munoz Street, and Summers Place. These thoroughfares won’t just link Ellsworth Loop and Ellsworth Road but will also feature traffic-calming measures and public-angled parking. Plus, you can expect charming amenities like shade structures and comfortable seating.

A Flourishing Tapestry of Developments

Queen Creek’s infrastructure investments have set the stage for private developers to shine. Exciting venues are sprouting up across the downtown core. The Perch Brewery, for instance, is crafting a massive 20,000-square-foot brewery, complete with plans for additional restaurant and retail spaces in the near future. Badlands Bar and Grill is another eagerly anticipated addition, set to open its doors in 2023 at the southwest corner of Ellsworth and Ocotillo.

Further enhancing the downtown experience, the Barn Bar Courtyards will house locally owned restaurants and shops within repurposed shipping containers, while the Sacred Pint Taproom promises craft beer, wine, shuffleboard, and darts for endless entertainment.

Transforming Facades, Transforming Downtown

In a bid to revitalize existing structures within the downtown core, Queen Creek offers a façade improvement program. This program matches investments in street-facing enhancements, with the town pledging up to $40,000 in support (up to $20,000 per application).

As Queen Creek continues to evolve and blossom, it’s clear that this charming town is on a journey to create a downtown experience that’s both modern and rooted in its rich history. Join us as we witness the growth, explore the new destinations, and cherish the unique charm of downtown Queen Creek.

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