The Town of Queen Creek is No Longer Part of Negotiations to Interconnect Water Line

May 6, 2019

The Town of Queen Creek is No Longer Part of Negotiations to Interconnect Water Line

As full-time Realtors in the Queen Creek and surrounding areas, it’s important to be aware of the what’s happening in the area our clients live or are potentially moving to. One of the more important issues going on this past year was the Town of Queen Creek was in negotiations to interconnect the water line with Johnson Utilities. However, recently the negotiations were put to an end. Below is a brief summary of the events that took place…

Why was Queen Creek negotiating to interconnect the water line in the first place?

In July 2018, the Arizona Corporation Commission found significant issues to public health and safety in the Johnson Utilities systems. In response, they appointed EPCOR as the interim manager. Needing to address the health issue immediately, EPCOR suggested an interconnection with the Town of Queen Creek as a possible solution and approached the Town to negotiate interconnecting both water and wastewater systems. This would ensure all Johnson Utilities customers have access to adequate and safe water, as well as assist with the safe treatment/disposal of wastewater that exceeded what Johnson Utilities’ current treatment plants were able to handle.

How do the public health and safety concerns with Johnson Utilities systems affect the Town?

The Town of QC is concerned about the issues surrounding the Johnson wastewater system because unpermitted discharge of treated water has already been disposed into the QC Wash. Also, there have been several sanitary sewer overflows, with one recently affecting the installation of a Queen Creek water line. Not to mention, thousands of QC residents receive sewer services from Johnson Utilities. Check out our blog ‘What Neighborhoods Have Johnson Utilities?’ for more information.

Why is Queen Creek no longer part of negotiations to interconnect the water line?

Ultimately, interconnecting the water line deemed unnecessary. At an Arizona Corporate Commission meeting held on April 23rd, EPCOR reported there is enough water to satisfy the summer demands. As a result, the Town negotiations are no longer taking place, and the commissioners are planning to explore a different manner of moving forward.

For more details on the events that took place, check out the Town of Queen Creek’s website HERE.

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