How to Make Your Offer Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Today’s real estate market is nothing short of… CRAZY!! As a full-time real estate agent in Queen Creek and surrounding areas, I can confidently say that right now is the most seller-driven market we’ve seen in a long time. With inventory cut nearly in half and interest rates at record lows, there are just not enough homes to accommodate all the buyers right now. As a buyer, even when you do find your dream home, you can almost guarantee that there will be multiple offers on it. Therefore, it’s important to make your offer stand out as best you can ESPECIALLY during a time like this!

Step 1: Choose the Right Team For Representation

A lot of buyers might think that the purchase price and additional terms of your offer are the only factors a seller considers when making their decision. While this might be the case sometimes, more often than not the listing agent will guide the sellers to choose a buyer that not only nets them their desired bottom line but is also armed with a competent and capable team. WHO IS IN YOUR CIRCLE MATTERS! If you have a great real estate agent and a great lender on your side, that will absolutely make your offer stand out in a positive way. Especially when two offers are close money-wise, the offer with the better team will get the house. And as a side note, MAKE SURE YOUR LENDER CALLS THE LISTING AGENT!! Them reaching out personally to the listing agent to vouch for you as a buyer will go a long way!

Step 2: Write a Letter to the Sellers

Writing a letter to the sellers personalizes your offer and can be the difference between getting a house and not. In addition to sharing your love for the home with the seller, I always suggest to my clients to include a little bit about yourself and include a picture. I’ve personally seen cases where the seller has chosen a lower offer than their top simply because they had a connection to the buyer’s letter.

Step 3: Ask the Listing Agent What the Sellers Are Looking For

Before writing an offer, you’ll want your agent to do a little research. Find out things like when the sellers would prefer to close, who they want to use as an escrow offer, what in particular would stand out to the sellers, etc. Learn about what THEY are wanting and then put that in your offer.

Step 4: Write Your Offer as Clean and Clear as Possible

The offer you submit to the sellers is their very first impression of you as a buyer, and it needs to be a good one!! The cleaner your offer is, the more likely the seller is to want to work with you because it lets the seller know that you not here to play games and make the process complicated. If you put your best foot forward and come in with a strong offer off the bat, your chances of being chosen will be much greater.

If you are looking to buy in today’s competitive market, please reach out to us! We will do everything in our power to make sure your offer is the one that is picked!

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