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We don’t know if it is the construction on Hunt Hwy or if homes are just super hot in San Tan Heights, but it is going nuts in there right now! It is definitely a seller’s market. We know this because the month’s supply inventory or absorption rate is very low, under 2 as a matter of fact.  To give you some perspective, there was a 13 month supply when the market crashed in 2009. That was a crazy buyer’s market as the prices of the homes dropped through the floor. We have been seeing the San Tan Heights neighborhood recover over the past few years, and we are now seeing prices rise and sellers have more flexibility.  There are 44 homes on the market in this total neighborhood of 3800 homes! We are closing an average of 34 homes each month. So, at this rate, if no new homes entered the market, you would only have a 1.5 month supply. Great news for you patient sellers!

Homes Sold San Tan Heights October 2016

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If you are a home buyer, then the absorption rate (months supply inventory) will be important for you to consider when writing an offer on a home. If you are a home seller, then the absorption rate will be important for you to consider when pricing your home for sale.

Absorption Rates Defined:

1 – 4: If the absorption rate falls in the range of 1 to 4, then we consider that a “seller’s market” meaning there are fewer homes on the market for sale and therefore less competition for sales in the neighborhood. In a “seller’s market” a home seller may decide to price their home more aggressively based on the limited supply of homes on the market.

4 – 7: An absorption rate anywhere between 4 and 7 indicates a more balanced market where neither buyers or sellers have the upperhand. Homes that are priced well and show well will still sell relatively quickly in a balanced market.

7+ : An absorption rate greater than 7 tells us that there are more than 7 months worth of inventory of homes for sale in that neighborhood which will indicate a “buyer’s market.”

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