Do I Need to Have an Open House to Sell My Home?

January 19, 2019

Do I Need to Have an Open House to Sell My Home?

As a Realtor in the Queen Creek area, I get asked a lot by my clients who are looking to sell if they have to host an open house in order to sell their property.  If you ask your friends and family who recently sold their homes, you’ll probably get a mixed response. Some will tell you they had multiple open houses and others will say they didn’t bother. Now we all know that open houses can be inconvenient, especially if you are still living at the property. So, is the inconvenience worth the outcome? My answer, as with most things in real estate, is it depends.

Not every seller I work with wants an open house, and that’s just fine. Their house still sells without having one. However, some choose to have multiple open houses because they can sometimes bring in a plethora of potential buyers who otherwise would not have considered writing an offer on their home. That being said, if you do decide you want to host an open house, doing so when your home first hits the market is the ideal time. Properties that are brand new to the market are exciting for buyers who are actively searching for their dream home. Also, you’re likely to have a few neighbors come over to look at the house and possibly spread the news of its availability to their friends and family.

Now there is a caveat: If you’re going to have an open house, your home must be show worthy, otherwise the exposure could work against your best interest. Does that mean you need to go out and spend tons of money to make sure everything is perfect and fully updated? No, but you should consider these three things at the very least:

  1. Declutter: One of the most important things you can do before hosting an open house is clean up your clutter. I mean really, clean it up! If your countertops have stacks of paper and there are useless knick knacks sitting around your house, get rid of it.  Now I’m not suggesting you throw away all of your things, but maybe just consider it a head start on packing some stuff up. And yes, buyers will look in your storage areas, so it’s best to box everything up and remove it from the home. You need buyers to see how much extra space they’ll have in your home, and cutting the clutter is imperative.
  2. Clean: You want your house to sparkle when potential buyers walk through the door. It’s important that everything from top to bottom is clean, including the baseboards and the blinds/shutters. The last thing you need is for buyers to be distracted by all that dust collecting on your furniture and the hair on your bathroom floor.
  3. Smell good: Now this point is key. I’ve had buyer clients go to view a home, walk up to the front door, and decide not to go in simply because of the initial smell they got from the front porch. If your house smells at all like trash, cats/dogs, and/or smoke, you have to remedy the issue before allowing buyers into your home. Even the most spotless, well-organized, and beautiful houses can sit on the market if their smell is too off-putting to overlook.

Ultimately the decision to have an open house or not is up to you. There are definite benefits, but they can sometimes be inconvenient of you, especially if you still reside at the property. As a full-time Realtor, I will absolutely share my expertise in order to help you figure out what is the best decision for you and create a plan to help sell your home as quickly as possible.

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