In May 2023, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) conducted a survey among its members to gain insights into the role of data collectors in the appraisal process. Here’s what we found:

  1. Who’s in the Mix?
    • Sales agents took the lead, making up 45% of those surveyed.
    • Brokers came next at 24%.
    • Appraisal-certified professionals comprised 14%.
    • Broker-Associates and Appraisal Licensees followed at 13% and 2%, respectively.
    • The remaining 2% held various other real estate licenses.
  2. Recent Encounters with Data Collectors
    • About 17% of respondents had worked with data collectors for property evaluations in the past month.
  3. Concerns on the Horizon
    • 14% of respondents expressed concerns that separating data collectors from the appraisal process might negatively affect the appraisal results.
    • 13% were worried about the quality of the data collected.
    • 10% had concerns about the legal liability associated with having data collectors in their clients’ homes.
  4. Identity Confusion
    • A surprising 30% of respondents reported that at times, data collectors gave them the impression that they were the appraiser or had a more substantial role than just gathering property data.
  5. Safety First
    • Safety was a top concern, with 51% of respondents expressing worries about the data collection process.
  6. Mixed Views on Effectiveness
    • Opinions were divided when it came to the effectiveness of the current appraisal process involving data collectors:
      • 40% found it very ineffective.
      • 36% were neutral.
      • 14% considered it somewhat ineffective.
  7. Data and Privacy Matters
    • Data and privacy were major concerns, with 65% of respondents expressing worries about the data collected and data privacy.
  8. Lack of Awareness
    • Surprisingly, 63% of participants stated that they were not informed about any third-party privacy policies or disclosures during their interactions with data collectors.
  9. Quality Comparison
    • A significant 76% of participants perceived the quality of property data collected by data collectors to be lower than that collected by appraisers themselves.
    • In contrast, 23% believed that the data collected by data collectors was on par with that of appraisers.

These findings shed light on the varied perspectives within the industry regarding the role and impact of data collectors in the appraisal process. It’s clear that there are both advantages and concerns to address as we navigate this evolving landscape.


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