Water Sources Available To Land In Queen Creek, AZ

June 7, 2018

Water Sources Available To Land In Queen Creek, AZ

I often get asked about the types of water sources available to land in Queen Creek.  To answer those questions, I’ve put together a basic list of the primary water sources that I’ve dealt with in my career as a professional Real Estate Agent.  Whether one wants to build a home, park a trailer, or just have a home for their animals, water is essential.  And the question is… where does it come from?

City Water

There are still pieces of land available in Queen Creek & San Tan Valley where the Town Of Queen Creek Water/Utilities are available.  This is typically good news if you can easily tap into city water because the main lines are already located within a reasonable distance from your property.

Private Water Company

In the last decade+ there have been several private water companies that have popped up in Pinal County serving the San Tan Valley area as its population grows.  When looking for a home, you will really want to know what utilities are available to that area, specifically the water.  There have been some debates about private water companies providing a different level of service and quality than city water.  I recommend that any buyer conduct those investigations prior to the time you’re looking to settle down to determine the current status of the water supplier.

Private Well

Sections of Queen Creek and San Tan Valley have areas that are not anywhere near the lines of an established water company.  If this is where you are choosing to drop some roots, a well may be in your near future.  If a shared well is not available nearby, you may be required to dig your own.  The upfront cost is significant, but it can provide you and your family with water for years to come without being connected to the “grid.”

Shared Well

A shared well is a really great option when buying land in a subdivision where one of the neighbors already has a working well.  If they are willing to share their water, a shared well agreement can be drawn up and recorded with the county. This ensures that all parties connected to the well are guaranteed to get water from it, as well as share the maintenance and any repair costs associated with the well.

Hauled Water

If your land is too far away from town and you don’t have it in your budget to dig a private well, you can always opt for hauled water.  You are required to install the holding tank on your property that is connected to your home.  Once your infrastructure is installed, you can hire a company to bring you water as you need it and pay for it as it’s refilled vs. having a monthly water bill.


Homes and land where flood irrigation is available are few and far between these days.  But if you can find one of these gems you will be able to have vegetation and animals that you may not otherwise be able to have on land with less or more expensive access to water.  The mini canal or pipe system must already be in place in the neighborhood in order to tap into it, and you pay the irrigation company for your usage.  Keep in mind that you may also need city water or a well for your home, as flood irrigation is typically just for the exterior of the home.


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