About Us

IMG_2261Thinking of pulling up roots or putting down some new ones? Perspective, experience and passion for a locale can go a very long way in real estate.

As a 30 plus year resident of the Phoenix area, I have lived in and flourished within the East Valley and enjoy incorporating my insights into your real estate visions and goals. Whether it’s hiking a local trail, landing a 3 pound small-mouth, or harvesting a bushel of home-grown vegetables, I have discovered that focused effort and know how often produce the best results, particularly when you are enjoying the process along the way.

If you, or your friends and family would like a helping hand buying or selling a home in Arizona (or if you are just looking for some good gardening tips), then please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 602.919.2375. I am willing to get my hands dirty for you.
-Karen Berg

Karen Berg - Agent with United Brokers Group


“Don’t just be better, be different!” That is something I put into practice every day in my own life and in my real estate business. I am not your typical Realtor, I was an engineer in the electronics industry prior to stepping away from my career to focus on my family. When I was ready to re-enter the working world, I knew that engineering was no longer my passion and that I should invest my time in what I truly loved…real estate, design, and the thrill of the house hunt! I thrive on details and I am one of the few Realtors who actually LOVE all of the paperwork involved in a real estate transaction…details are my thing!

I am truly committed to serving with excellence and professionalism from start to finish. I have a full understanding of the process, the paperwork and the timelines which will be a critical part of the journey. But, I really think what matters most to buyers and sellers in today’s culture is working with someone who will always return their phone calls and emails promptly and be responsive to their needs. If I don’t answer my phone, then I will call you back and usually within an hour or less. I always put my clients needs first and serve them with the highest level of ethics and professionalism. I treat my clients with respect and in return I am treated with respect. Relationships matter and trust matters and it is so important to work with someone you connect with and someone who understands your needs, desires, and goals in real estate and in life! Moving can be stressful, but with the right representation and support, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Allow me to take some of the burden off your shoulders so you can focus your attention where it belongs.

-Keely Semon

Experience Matters

In today’s unique and challenging real estate world, selecting the Realtor that will serve YOU is critical. Over 92% of all Realtors in our market here in Arizona complete fewer than 6 transactions per year. Short sales, foreclosures, and even traditional sales in specific areas all require focused expertise, and as they say “there is no substitute for experience.” Selecting a full-time agent with a varied and successful professional history,  affords  you the best opportunity to reach your home buying/selling goals.

Staying on the Same Page

If you believe that buying or selling a home is one of the more significant financial events in the average person’s lifetime, then we are working from vital common ground. Our approach is to treat each step of the process with this foundational belief in mind.

What Makes Us Different

Real estate advertisements, colorful signs and even a set of initials after your name, can make Realtors all appear largely the same. Our team strives to be unique and provide more service than most in so many ways. Here are some examples of “difference makers” that we employ with all of our clients.

  1. We EDUCATE on the home buying and selling  process and arrive at expectations together  from the very beginning. Helping you understand the subtleties of bank owned properties,  investor flips, new builds and even traditional sales is the best way for you to make informed choices.
  2. NEGOTIATION SKILLS are critical. While price is a major element, it is far from the only one of importance. We help buyers get the home they want from A-Z and we help sellers get their home sold with the right terms.
  3. We MANAGE the complete transaction. “Stuff Happens” in virtually every sale or purchase.  Some elements, such as what is happening on the other side of the transaction, are outside of our immediate control and require tenacity and diplomacy. We work diligently to manage the flow of the contract and the timelines within. With our detailed understanding of the Arizona contract, we can, and do, hold all parties accountable.
  4. COMMUNICATION is key. Keeping all parties informed throughout the process cannot be overstated enough. We strive to treat all persons in a transaction how we would want to be treated. This is particularly important for first time home buyers, someone new to Arizona, or out of area clients, but the same standards of service are applied with every one of our clients.
  5. We give physical SUPPORT to the entire buying and selling process. We attend events such as home inspections, pest inspections and actually are present for closings, lending our experience and expertise when you need it.
  6. We RETURN CALLS. It’s hard to believe this has to be stated, but it is a vital element in how we conduct business. Calls are returned quickly and always the same business day. This happens for our clients, potential clients, other agents, lenders, and any other parties to transactions.
  7. We surround ourselves with a like-minded, superior TEAM of loan officers, home inspectors, title and escrow agents, and even pest inspection professionals for the highest level of service in virtually every aspect of the transaction.
  8. We have AREA SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE. If you need someone that knows the Southeast Valley area like the back of their hand, then we are your team. We live, work and volunteer here and know the area in great detail. Our goal is NOT to be all things to all people, rather to be the BEST thing for the people who wish to join us in our geographic area, share like expectations, and allow us to put our successful methods to work for them.

In closing, with our extensive background in corporate America, and successes in ‘ground up’ small business, we have found ourselves well prepared and suited for a Real Estate career. We treat it seriously, like a business…YOUR BUSINESS! We hope we get a chance to do business together.

-Karen Berg and Keely Semon